Kimono Kitsune featured in Intercultural Gala Fashion Show

Kimono Kitsune featured in Intercultural Gala Fashion Show

Saturday, November 4th | Intercultural Gala Fashion Show | Toledo OH

Kimono Kitsune will be featured in the Fashion Show at the Intercultural Gala!

Women of Toledo has announced their fifth annual Intercultural Gala, a Tribute to the late Michelle Ansara with style, flavor, and rhythm collide for a night of multicultural celebration, which is taking place on Saturday, November 4th from 5:00PM until 10:00PM at Holland Gardens.

The Fashion Show will feature traditional cultural attire, as well as inspired and modern takes by local designers.

Kimono Kitsune is very excited to have been invited to be a part of this event. You may even recognize some of the models as Traeonna, Kuma, and Cardamon (our intern) will be joined the The Kimono Kitsune’s mom and a menagerie of friends (including one of Kimono Kitsune’s VIPs)! We will be showcasing both traditional and fusion styles with a diverse group of women. Petite or tall, plus or small, we’ll be showing off kimono for all! 

Get Tickets Today! Hope to see you at the gala!

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