Celebrating Diversity and Tradition: A Recap of the Women of Toledo Intercultural Gala Fashion Show

The Women of Toledo‘s annual Intercultural Gala is where you can experience the richness of the culture and diversity of our city, Toledo. Nearly 200 supporters and friends join us at the Women of Toledo 2023 Intercultural Global Gala at the Gardens Fundraiser. With everyone’s donations and support, they raised $19,500 to help them continue to serve 10,000 women and young girls in 10 years! The funds raised will continue to support their mission to educate, engage, and empower. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who came!

One of the event’s highlights was the Fashion Show, which featured several designers and traditional and modern fashions from 15 countries. Kimono Kitsune celebrated the beauty of traditional kimono fashion and showcased kimono fusion fashion styles.

Kimono Kitsune opened our show with Emily wearing a youthful traditional kimono style featuring a furisode kimono worn with hakama. This long-sleeved kimono is worn by unmarried women and is typically decorated in bright colors to reflect the wearer’s youth. Accessories included a hair ornament (called a kanzashi) by Aya Blue Studios and Japanese Blossom Earrings (from the Japanese Blossom Collection collaboration by Kimono Kitsune x Serenity in Chains).

2023-11-04 01 Emily

As the show progressed, the spotlight shifted to fusion kimono styles, where traditional elements were seamlessly blended with contemporary fashion trends. Taking the hakama element from our first piece and pairing them with heeled sneakers, Amanda donned a haori. She showed off several Japanese lace weave chainmaille jewelry pieces to create this simple and comfortable casual look.

2023-11-04 02 Amanda

Cardamon (Kimono Kitsune intern) was next with their fun alternative goth-inspired coordination in red and black. A sparkly komon kimono with obi using a leather belt in place of an obi-jime was worn over a velvet dress with platform heels and featured a Japanese lace weave choker necklace. This coordination is something you might see on the streets of Tokyo. Japanese street fashion refers to several styles of contemporary modern clothing in Japan, created from a mix of local and foreign fashion brands…a fusion of styles and cultures.

2023-11-04 03 Cardamon

Moving into a more casual, daily wear theme, Bre presented another haori look that included an ankle-length skirt worn with an obi in place of a belt and styled with a Windswept Blossom obi-kazari (obi decoration) piece from the Japanese Blossom Collection. An easy, breezy look for the warmer months.

2023-11-04 04 Bre

To demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate kimono pieces into an existing wardrobe, Sandra (The Kimono Kitsune‘s Mom) wore a haori over a simple lace blouse with jeans. The jewelry featured a haori-himo from the Japanese Blossom Collection, earrings, and a pendant converted to a necklace from a pair of transforming earrings.

2023-11-04 05 Mom

Kuma showed just how dandy you can be with her take on a three-piece suit and our final haori style, which included a Japanese blossom watch fob and Japanese lace chainmaille blossom on her homburg hat band. The fusion looks breathed new life into the kimono pieces, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in the modern world. These outfits pushed the boundaries of kimono fashion, inspiring attendees to experiment with their own personal styles.

2023-11-04 06 Kuma

To conclude the show, Traeonna wore a traditional semi-formal kimono called a houmongi with a fukuro obi and Japanese Blossom Earrings to match the other models. We took viewers on a journey from traditional to fusion and back to traditional styling to show the many ways kimono pieces can be worn and styled. One does not need to know how to wear kimono traditionally in order to enjoy these beautiful garments.

2023-11-04 07 Traeonna

Love these simple styles?! Let The Kimono Kitsune help you transform yourself through the exploration of kimono fashion by finding beautiful kimono pieces that fit your current style and bringing Japan’s rich textile heritage into your wardrobe.

The jewelry featured was from a collaboration between Kimono Kitsune and Serenity in Chains, the Japanese Blossom Collection, a transformable jewelry collection that can be worn in various ways. The earrings can become a necklace pendant, kanzashi (hair ornament), obi-kazari (obi decoration), and more. In contrast, the necklace can become a draping obi-kazari, and haori-himo can become a bracelet or anklet, among other transformations. Additional Japanese lace weave chainmaille pieces are part of the extended collection and were designed by Serenity in Chains. All of these pieces complemented the kimono coordinations perfectly.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kimono Kitsune’s show was the diverse range of individuals who graced the runway, which included various ages, body types, and personal styles, truly celebrating the beauty of diversity. This inclusivity sent a powerful message that kimono fashion knows no boundaries and can be embraced by anyone, regardless of their background or appearance. The show highlighted the fact that everyone can find their unique way of expressing themselves through the elegance of the kimono. It was a refreshing departure from the conventional fashion industry’s narrow standards, inspiring attendees to embrace their individuality and experiment with their own kimono styles. Whether you are a long-time kimono enthusiast or someone just discovering the allure of these garments, the show was a testament to the enduring legacy of kimono fashion in today’s modern world.

Kimono Kitsune was excited to be invited to participate and showcase the beauty and versatility of kimono fashion through a display of traditional and fusion styles, further showing that kimono fashion is for everyone. We hope to be invited back in the future to showcase our upcoming size-inclusive transforming kimono remake eco-friendly fashion line!

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