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Kimono Kitsune LLC

Founded in 2018 by Traeonna, a dedicated educator with a passion for kimono fashion and fusion styling, our journey began with her/aer commitment to sharing knowledge about kimono fashion through engaging presentations at universities, festivals, libraries, conventions, student organizations, events, and for various other groups.

In 2023, we marked a significant milestone with the launch of our online store, allowing enthusiasts to explore and acquire a carefully curated selection of imported authentic new, vintage, and antique Japanese kimono and accessories. We also host engaging pop-up shops to extend our reach and connect with diverse communities, showcasing our unique offerings. Furthermore, our evolution goes beyond retail, as we now provide various assorted services. These include dressing lessons, a measurement service, and personalized styling assistance, specializing in kimono fusion styling.

As we move through 2024, we eagerly anticipate the launch of our size-inclusive kimono remake eco-friendly clothing and accessory line, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and inclusivity.

We wish to help our clients transform themselves through the exploration of kimono fashion. We strive to connect individuals with beautiful kimono pieces that seamlessly integrate Japan’s rich textile heritage into their current wardrobes.


MBTI/16: INTJ-T “Sentinel-Logistician”
Fascinate: Mystique+Passion “Subtle Touch”
Enneagram: 1 “Idealist”
DiSC: CD “Inspector”
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Meet The Proprietor

TRAEONNA (トレイアンナ)

Traeonna, a passionate and experienced educator, brings over 30 years of experience to her/aer engaging lectures and workshops, with one of her/aer favorite subjects being kimono fashion.

Her/Aer journey with kimono began in 2010, starting with wa-lolita, progressing through fusion styles (wafuku x youfuku), and ultimately embracing the traditional manner of wearing a kimono. Living the #kimonolife, Traeonna adorns herself/aerself in kimono almost daily.

Traeonna extends her/aer expertise by lecturing on kimono topics and offering beginner kitsuke lessons. Committed to lifelong learning, she/ae actively pursues ongoing education from diverse sources, consistently enhancing her/aer kimono knowledge. Since May 2020, she/ae has studied with a certified kimono instructor and stylist in Japan to continually improve her kitsuke skills and kimono knowledge.

Traeonna is a member of the Japanese Association of Toledo (JAT), the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO), and MotivAsians for Cleveland. She/Ae is queer (identified and gendered), hard of hearing (HoH), and dis/abled (neurodivergent―auditory processing disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, anxiety, cPTSD), enjoys practicing sign language (ASL is her second language), values having a diverse horde of humans in her/aer network, and is fueled by dark chocolate, coffee, and Sir Winston snuggles.

TRAEONNA is a verb, not a noun.
I am not the product of my past; I am the process of where I am going.

Meet Our Team

Kuma, a person with shoulder-length curly auburn hair, is standing and looking at the camera wearing an orange-red haori, khaki colored button-down shirt, and dark brown slacks, has a brown leather messenger bag over their right shoulder and is looking at the camera.


Shop Bear

Keeper of the Vixen, Personal Chef to Office Furballs, Heavy Items Mover, Transportation of All The Things and Beings, and more...



Aide of the Vixen, Transformation Assistant, Fancifier of Humans, Clothier of Mannequins, Fashion Monster, Rainbow Goth, and more...

Sir Winston the cat, sitting at Traeonna's zori and tabi clad feet. He is looking up at the camera.

Sir Winston

Office Cat

Expert High Fiver, Claimer of Comfy Seating, Bringer of Adorableness, Murderizer of Ugly Bird Toys, Pro Napper, and more...

Shamisen the cat, curled up on a short cat tree, looking up at the camera.


Office Kitten

Chatterbox, Impersonator of Trash Pandas, Provider of Super Soft Petable Fur, Murderizer of Paper, Expert Climber, and more...

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to connect with our customers and inspire them to transform themselves through the exploration of kimono fashion while offering exciting experiences that drive long-term loyalty.

Our Vision is to bring affordable kimono and accessories to the US market and create increased access to kimono education in English.

Our DEIA&B Statement

Many of the most incredible ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds, and experiences, which is why we are committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible environment in which everyone belongs.

Our approach to DEIA&B is simple—it’s about embracing everyone; be yourself because we like it that way.

More specifically, we embrace everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, age, color, creed/religion/faith, sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression/presentation, sexual/romantic orientation/attraction, national origin, ancestry, disability, neurodiversity, genetic information/disposition, medical condition, citizenship, military/veteran status, marital status, parental status, work style, credit score, Myers-Briggs type, enneagram, alignment, love language, Hogwarts house, astrological sign, height, weight, hair color, or anything else that makes you a unique and valued individual. While we may accept you, the cats may not…because cats.